3 Most Important Survival Skills for Kids (Preparedness).

Trust me – it’s hard to only pick three.  Especially when there are so many “skills” to choose from.  Truth is, I have a much longer list, and though there are many important traditional skills like fire, shelter, and food, I want to take a minute to look at more non-traditional skills.

Top three things to teach your kids for this round are 1) critical thinking, 2) self-efficacy, and 3) safety.  Those might sound a bit fancy for some, but I think they really capture the gamut of skills we need to succeed from an “attitude and approach” perspective – and not just for survival – these work for life!

1) Give someone a problem and the tools to solve it and you may only be half-way to a solution if they can think critically and apply problem solving thought to the situation.  I’m amazed at how often I see people taught what to do (or even what to think), but they aren’t taught why or how to arrive at said conclusion.  And that problem plagues our society from areas like church all the way through colleges and universities.  Few pastors encourage tough questions about faith and its application to life.  Few professors give good grades to independent thinking student who question what they opine to be right.

Thinking - smallFurthermore, few parents talk to their kids and ask, “how would you approach a problem of x, y, or z?”  And that EXACTLY what we should be doing to ensure they understand!

2) Self-efficacy may sound like a snobby word, but it simply means the belief in one’s own ability to confidently approach and complete something.  It’s not just confidence… it includes ability and a “can do” attitude.  That means taking steps to remain calm, assess a situation, apply critical thinking skills, and then implement a solution.  So that one little word, self-efficacy, has a really big impact when we ingrain into our kids, and it sets them up for success in life, as well as prepping.

3) Safety is also a skill, in my opinion, because it is a mindset that can be taught and practiced. In many prepping scenarios, medical help may not be available and a foolish, easily preventable mistake, could mean serious injury or even death.  We take for granted things as simple as triple-anti-biotic ointment and even anti-biotics for an infection.  TEOTWAWKI won’t be as easily forgiving.  In the meantime, safety also can save lives, especially when we deal with firearms.

Education is key for each of these “skills” – and I’m not talking about college.  I’m talking about intent.  It simply require authenticity and for someone to seek out knowledge.

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