Gun of a Son

GunOfASonTeach Safety, Not Fear

If knowledge is power, then in the case of firearms, “knowledge is safety.”

Familiarity with guns for kids often helps avoid the “forbidden fruit” syndrome, which can ccreate a safer environment. When they are an appropriate age, work with your kids to familiarize them with firearms, and always stress the importance of gun safety!

Prepper Pete works very hard to keep his family safe. When his son Charlie becomes old enough, they enroll in a gun safety class together.  Join our hero, his son, and their friends in this fabulously illustrated book as they explore many of the important aspects of gun safety.

“Some people prepare because they are afraid.
Our family does not have to be afraid…
because we are prepared!”
-Prepper Pete

Be safe, Keep prepping, and order your copy today!

Available in paperback (Amazon or B&N) or eBook Kindle


IMPORTANT: This book is intended to be used as a launching point of discussion with children. It is NOT intended to be a substitute for an actual firearms safety course.  Seek out a local safety course in your area, and attend with your child to demonstrate to them the  importance of gun safety.