Hey, Grownups!

Teaching kids the importance of being prepared doesn’t have to be harsh or scary. Regardless of why you (or someone you may know) prepare, remember that the single most important thing you can teach your kids is how to think!

All the preps in the world don’t mean a thing if people don’t know how to think clearly. Teach useful skills to all of the kids you know, to include critical thinking, problem solving, and the most important one of all – how to be resourceful!

Prepper Pete and Friends is the original Prepper books series written especially for children! They are designed to be launching points for discussing the topic of prepping with kids in a non-scary way.

Please consider what one 2nd Grade  teacher said on Prepper Website in a review of Prepper Pete Prepares:

“Prepper Pete Prepares is an introduction to preparedness for young children.  As a parent, after reading it through with your child, you can take specific pages and topics and discuss those with your child.

Topics/Questions can be expanded like:

  • How well prepared do you think our family is compared to other families?
  • Which natural disasters effect our community?
  • Do you know where the flashlights are if the lights go out?
  • How many tools can you name in the garage that don’t use electricity?
  • How does staying healthy help us to be prepared?
  • How often do you wash your hands to prevent spreading germs?
  • What kinds of things should you be thinking about when you go into public?
  • What can you do out in public to keep yourself and our family safe?
  • Why is it a good idea to not talk about what kinds of ways we prepare with others?
  • Why is it a good idea to talk about preparedness with others/
  • What kind of skills would you like to learn to be better prepared? Fish, Camp, Hunt, Build Fires, Use a Knife?
  • Where are our bugout bags located and do you know how to use all the items in there?
  • Does knowing that our family prepares make you feel better and safe in case of an emergency?”

Keep preppin’!

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