Welcome to the World of Amateur Radio with Prepper Pete and Friends

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Join Prepper Pete and Friends on a journey of discovery, learning, and fun. Whether you’re new to amateur radio or looking to share your passion with the next generation, there’s something for everyone in this exciting new series.

Dive into Adventure and Learning with Our Latest Book Series

Join Prepper Pete, Radio Rick, POTA Pam, and a cast of enthusiastic characters as they embark on exciting adventures in the world of amateur radio. Whether it’s saving the day in an emergency, passing the ham radio exam, rescuing a friend, activating a park, or joining an amateur radio club, there’s always an adventure waiting with Prepper Pete and Friends.

Discover the Series:

Radio Rick Relays Relief

    • A HAMergency Hero Book for Kids
    • Join Radio Rick as he sets up his portable radio station to save the day when communications go down. Learn the importance of amateur radio in emergencies and how you can be a hero, too.


Prepper Pete and the Ham Exam

    • An Introduction to HAMateur Radio for Kids
    • Follow Prepper Pete and friends as they learn about amateur radio, study for their licenses, and discover the world of communication. Whether passing on the first try or needing a second chance, every effort is a step toward success.


PPFARC – Amateur Radio Club

        • Join the Prepper Pete and Friends Amateur Radio Club and discover the joy of connecting with fellow amateur radio enthusiasts. Learn about club activities, field days, and how you can be part of the amateur radio community.

Radio Rick Receives a Message

    • A HAMergency Hero Book for Kids
    • When a friend is lost, it’s up to Radio Rick and the gang to use their skills and equipment to save the day. Learn about teamwork, technology, and the thrill of a successful rescue.



POTA Pam Activates a Park

    • In Introduction to Parks on the Air for Kids
    • Explore the great outdoors with POTA Pam as she sets up her radio station in a park. Discover the fun of making contacts from the most scenic spots and learn about different types of radios and antennas.



What You’ll Find in Each Book:

  • Engaging stories that introduce the fundamentals of amateur radio
  • Colorful illustrations that bring the adventures to life
  • Educational content that’s fun and accessible for kids
  • Activities and challenges to encourage further exploration

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