In the News: Mental Militia & Southside Messenger

Came across a review this week, and a news release that made the paper:

The Southside Messenger is a fabulous hometown paper from where I grew up.  They were awesome enough to post a news release!

A review I’ve editorially shortened a bit by DiabloLoco at The Mental Militia:

First, the kids (aka, the minions): They thought that the illustrations were very nice. They liked how the ants looked. They also thought that the story was cool. The only thing that they didn’t like was how I would stop at certain points of the story to compare Prepper Pete and his household, to our own, or when I would explain something in deeper detail. eg; solar flares, economic collapse….etc….etc….
Second, the adult (aka, DiabloLoco): There is an interesting comparison between ants and humans when you really think about it. The story was very good. It touched a lot of bases and did very well at explaining the reasoning for prepping and the virtues of being prepared. My favorite part of the book was the importance of secrecy (OPSEC) about the family’s preps. That was very important to me and mine. I am constantly trying to drive that point home to the minions. Reading the book to the minions was a WONDERFUL opportunity for me to speak candidly with them about why our family preps, bug-out plans, our BOL, gun safety, fishing and hunting, and gardening too! We must have talked for a good 45 minutes after the book was finished. THAT, my friend, was the most wonderful thing of all. I recommend this book for any prepper with a child (or children) that are between the ages of 3 and 9.