Interview & Review – Backdoor Survival

Gaye Levy over at Backdoor Survival has just finished out another awesome BDS Book Festival!  We missed announcing the 12 Days review, but there’s still four days until completion with a FREE COPY of Prepper Pete’s Gun of Son being given away.

Swing over and check out the interview, sign up for the giveaway, and leave a comments on your thoughts about Children and Gun Safety! A few key excerpts:

“Gun safety is a huge issue not only for adults, but for children as well.  The problem, as I see it, is that irresponsible gun use is plastered all over television and in video games.  If you think that kids don’t soak that up, then you are living on another planet!

In my view, gun safety can never be overemphasized. Prepper Pete’s Gun of a Son: A Gun Safety Book for Kids will allow a parent or other adult to introduce the topic of gun safety in a manner that is family-friendly and dare I say it?  Interesting and fun.  The book promotes gun safety basics and emphasizes that weapons should not be feared but respected and handled carefully like any other tool. Heck, I know plenty of adults, myself included, that need that reinforcement.

Prepper Pete will allow adults to open up a gun safety conversation with children that is both fun and interesting.  I cannot over-recommend this book!”

Thanks, Gaye!