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PreparedChristianOne of the best benefits of the Prepper Pete series is that I’ve had the privilege of getting to know some pretty neat people in the prepping community over the past year or so.  One of the few incoming emails I check with every posting is from Christ Ray of  The site provides quality information and is consistently listed in the Top 10 of many prepping blogs like

PrepClubLogoChris also recently started the Preparedness Club, which lists some pretty sweet Prepping deals on a daily basis ranging from monthly giveaways to discounts and free copies of ebooks (like a free Prepper Pete ebook with proof of purchase!).  There are several reasons to join, so check ’em out.

Two excerpts that really stand out for me are

The Prepper Pete books are children’s books that explore preparedness related topics in ways that are easy for children to understand. Gun of a Son is the third installment of the Prepper Pete books… The book also shows the mistakes made by the grasshopper to show the dangers of making mistakes. This is probably my favorite aspect of the book, as I believe the visual example of why we don’t do things will help some children learn the concept better.  Read the rest here.

One of the comments by Dr. Michael Harris mentioned that he’d like to be able to sneak a peek at some of the interior to decide if they were the type of books he’s looking for.  Chris, always engaged as he is, suggested Amazon’s “Look Inside” and I figured I could reveal a few, as well!

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