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Announcing the Prepper Pete and Friends Amateur Radio Club

Exciting times are coming to Prepper Pete and Friends!

We’re preparing the release of the next book in the series, as well as an entire set of books focused on the exciting world of Amateur Radio.

Now YOU can join the Prepper Pete and Friends Amateur Radio Club (PPFARC)!

Our purpose is “to further the exchange of information and cooperation between members, to promote radio knowledge, fraternalism, and individual operating efficiency, and to so conduct club programs and activities as to advance the general interest and welfare of Amateur Radio in the community.”

Everyone interested in Amateur Radio communications is eligible for membership, with the following levels:

Full membership is open to licensed Radio Amateurs. Full membership includes all club privileges as well as rights to hold a club office and to vote for club officers.

Associate membership is open to those actively engaged in study leading to an Amateur Radio license and all other interested persons. Associate membership includes all club privileges except for the right to hold office and vote for club officers.

Junior membership is open to those who want to connect with others interested in the Prepper Pete and Friends community with an additional goal of promoting engagement with Amateur Radio. Junior membership does not require an Amateur Radio license or allow one to hold office or vote for club officers.

Applications for membership shall be submitted at regular meetings or via the website. The President may provide immediate provisional approval; full approval shall be voted upon at the next regular meeting.

We meet the First Tuesday of each month via Zoom here.

Prepper Pete’s Coloring & Activities Books – Coming Soon!

We’re excited to announce that Prepper Pete and Friends will soon be releasing a coloring book to help engage kids with learning about the importance of being prepared!

Our first book will be focused on coloring pages, featuring characters from our existing books, as well as our upcoming “Be Prepared: A Be Ready Book for Kids” (scheduled to be released later this year!).

The second book will include coloring and fun activities that are designed to teach and entertain.  We’ve got quite a few fun ideas we think kids will absolutely love!

We’re also looking to hear from you! What are some fun ideas you may have (or that you’ve seen) in coloring and activities books that could help Prepper Pete teach kids about the importance of being prepared?  If you give us something we haven’t already thought of and we use it… you’ll get a free copy of the book when it ships!

Stay safe and Keep Prepping!

Interview with Doc Bones & Nurse Amy – Doom & Bloom’s Survival Medicine Hour

DoomAndBloomIf you’ve picked up a Survival magazine, heard a podcast, or been to a Prepper/Self-Reliance Expo of late, you’ve no doubt run across articles and information on Survival Medicine from “Doc Bones & Nurse Amy” of  I had the privilege of being interviewed by them during their Survival Medicine Hour this past week.

Talk about an awesome time!  With a show designed to equip everyone from soccer-moms to hardcore preppers, we covered a lot of ground as we discussed “parental prepping” and each Prepper Book, in turn.

Key Point: You don’t have to scare your kids to prepare!

You can listen in to the episode right here!

Interview with Dr. Prepper – James Talmage Stevens

Dr-PrepperA fabulous discussion on “Doctor Prepper’s Critical Preparedness Radio (CPR) Talk Show”  James Talmage Stevens, aka, “Dr. Prepper” is author of the #1 best-selling “Making the Best of Basics” and has sold more than 800,000 copies!

Targeted at ordinary people, his weekly broadcast – CPR – could save a life!  My segment starts right at 34 minutes and goes for about an hour.  I think one of my favorite discussion points was surrounding ourselves, not necessarily “like-minded” people, but rather “like-spirited.”  We also discussed self-sufficiency vs. community building, and the idea of not having to go super-hardcore when it comes to prepping!

Check it out when you get a chance, and remember that Dr. Prepper is on the air every Friday evening!

Disaster Survival Network – Interview by James

I just haDSNs the honor and pleasure of an interview by James of Disaster Survival Network! If you want to hear about some background, my “why moment” for Prepper Pete, and a great discussion on teaching children all about Prepping… tune in for a bit!

As James echoes, “the importance of teaching our children from a young age about Prepping can not be stressed enough.  If we teach our children from a young age it becomes a lifestyle for them and is nothing ‘strange’ or new.”

You can listen to the podcast by clicking here!


Kickstarter Campaign Coming Soon!

YOU can heBe Preparedlp us get the word out! That means helping keep our kids safe by preparing them for day-to-to emergencies they may face.

You might have heard of crowdfunding before – that’s when everybody chips in to fund something – and that’s exactly what we’re going to be doing with the next Prepper Pete book , “Be Prepared: A Be Ready Book for Kids!”

The goal?  Fund the initial setup, illustration, printing, and a good chunk of advertising fees in one fell sweep!

Where do you come in?  You’ll be able to participate in this campaign by funding anywhere from a very little to a very big amount.  Each tier of sponsorship will net you something cool – an ebook, a book, an advertising opportunity, or perhaps just some good ole’ Prepper Pete swag.  Tiers will be determined soon enough – let’s just say there will be a span and everyone will be able to participate.


The final goal? $10,000

If you’re like me… you look at that fee and think, “What the what?!”  But remember – that includes mailing copies to many funding participants, bloggers, etc, an actual marketing campaign (which we’ve not done before), paying the illustrator, and much, much more.

As the author, I won’t see any payment from this amount… and I’m good with that. I’m more concerned with getting the word out to help keep kids safe.  Besides, “Good things come to those who wait!”

The catch? We’re using Kickstarter – it’s all or nothing!

If you’d like to be notified, please sign-up below. Don’t worry – no spam… ever.  Only thing you’ll get is an occasional update and you’ll be notified when we start the campaign!



3 Most Important Survival Skills for Kids (Preparedness).

Trust me – it’s hard to only pick three.  Especially when there are so many “skills” to choose from.  Truth is, I have a much longer list, and though there are many important traditional skills like fire, shelter, and food, I want to take a minute to look at more non-traditional skills.

Top three things to teach your kids for this round are 1) critical thinking, 2) self-efficacy, and 3) safety.  Those might sound a bit fancy for some, but I think they really capture the gamut of skills we need to succeed from an “attitude and approach” perspective – and not just for survival – these work for life!

1) Give someone a problem and the tools to solve it and you may only be half-way to a solution if they can think critically and apply problem solving thought to the situation.  I’m amazed at how often I see people taught what to do (or even what to think), but they aren’t taught why or how to arrive at said conclusion.  And that problem plagues our society from areas like church all the way through colleges and universities.  Few pastors encourage tough questions about faith and its application to life.  Few professors give good grades to independent thinking student who question what they opine to be right.

Thinking - smallFurthermore, few parents talk to their kids and ask, “how would you approach a problem of x, y, or z?”  And that EXACTLY what we should be doing to ensure they understand!

2) Self-efficacy may sound like a snobby word, but it simply means the belief in one’s own ability to confidently approach and complete something.  It’s not just confidence… it includes ability and a “can do” attitude.  That means taking steps to remain calm, assess a situation, apply critical thinking skills, and then implement a solution.  So that one little word, self-efficacy, has a really big impact when we ingrain into our kids, and it sets them up for success in life, as well as prepping.

3) Safety is also a skill, in my opinion, because it is a mindset that can be taught and practiced. In many prepping scenarios, medical help may not be available and a foolish, easily preventable mistake, could mean serious injury or even death.  We take for granted things as simple as triple-anti-biotic ointment and even anti-biotics for an infection.  TEOTWAWKI won’t be as easily forgiving.  In the meantime, safety also can save lives, especially when we deal with firearms.

Education is key for each of these “skills” – and I’m not talking about college.  I’m talking about intent.  It simply require authenticity and for someone to seek out knowledge.

Have a question?  Let me know here.

Throwback… Tuesday? – Why write a Gun Safety Book (for kids)?

Recently, while discussing Prepper Pete’s Gun of a Son: A Gun Safety Book for Kids, I was asked, “What message does it contain that’s different from the first two books in the Prepper Pete series?”  It’s a great question!

It really goes back to why I even started the Prepper Pete series.  I was faced with the task of explaining the idea of “prepping” to my own kids, ages 5, 7, 9, and 11.  “Prepper Pete Prepares” started down that road and “The Twelve Days of Prepper Christmas” was really a fun detour.

The latest book in the Prepper Pete Series!

“Gun of a Son” brings the series back to the educational component, and one of my primary goals.  And just like the first book, this one is the product of my own lessons and somewhat “newness” to the topic.  While I’ve learned about firearms during my time in the military, I knew that I needed a more formal process for teaching my children.  Yes, there is a lot of information out there, but I wanted something that I could teach them with in a relaxed setting, yet convey to time on the range.

The NRA’s Eddie Eagle is great, but you’ll never see Eddie with a gun.  And beyond that, there aren’t really a lot of “this is how you do it” books for children. So we bit the bullet with Prepper Pete and ended up with “Gun of a Son.”  In all honesty, it’s also a detour from the original intent of the series, but I have to say that I’ve had a blast with it, my kids have learned a lot about safety, and I really think it’s going to take a life of its own.

With regard to gun safety, I would point out that, if the saying “knowledge is power” has merit, then in the case of firearms, “knowledge is safety,” and safety is paramount.  Knowledge and familiarity with guns for kids often helps avoid the “forbidden fruit” syndrome, which can create a safer environment. When they are an appropriate age, parents should work with their kids to familiarize them with firearms, and always stress the importance of gun safety.  My kids all know, “If you want to touch a gun… just ask!” – it dispels the mystery… something all kids are intrigued with.

Bottom line: I want to create a culture where we teach safety, not fear.  “Gun of a Son” has focused on gun safety, and we’re working on “Gun of a Son, Too!” that will focus on gun information for parents who want that option, as well.

Destiny Survival Radio – Interview

destinyI’ve been fortunate enough to have quite a few radio interviews over the past few years.  However, few of those interviewers take the time to write out detailed outlines of our time together, so I appreciate the fact that John Wesley Smith at DestinySurvival Radio has done just that!

“Ants and squirrels. Would you believe they have something to teach children about preparedness? Kermit Jones, Jr., knows about that because he’s the author of the Prepper Pete series of books for children. This week DestinySurvival Radio revisits Prepper Pete and Friends.”

John then goes on to outline our discussion, which means you can easily check it out before (or while) you listen!

“My Parents Open Carry” – Book Review


It’s not often I get the chance to review a book from another children’s author, but today is one of those days!  Authors Brian Jeffs and- Nathan Nephew, co-hosts of  “At Odds: A Political Talkshow” have written a book that goes in depth about reasons to open carry, philosophies thereof, and some pretty decent explanations of the Second Amendment.

While the Prepper Pete series I write for sometimes is critiqued for being targeted at “too young” of an audience, “My Parents Open Carry” goes in the other direction.  This isn’t a five minute bedtime story.  However, it is very in depth and explains several of the most popular discussions surround open carry, concealed carry, and the Second Amendment.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to learning a couple of things, despite the fact that I often put forth similar reasons to people about the subject at hand.  For instance, there is a clear definition regarding the difference between the “organized militia” and the “unorganized militia” – direct from U.S. Code, but something I’ve not really heard of late in the discussion.  Who knew!?

There are discussions at the bookstore, the grocery store, and on the range, etc.  Each one poses a different philosophy.  One of the simplest messages, however, is that responsible folks take their safety and the safety of their loved ones seriously, and “When seconds count, the police are minutes away.”

It’s really hard to argue with that logic!  Grab you your own copy on Amazon today!