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Prepper Pete’s Coloring & Activities Books – Coming Soon!

We’re excited to announce that Prepper Pete and Friends will soon be releasing a coloring book to help engage kids with learning about the importance of being prepared!

Our first book will be focused on coloring pages, featuring characters from our existing books, as well as our upcoming “Be Prepared: A Be Ready Book for Kids” (scheduled to be released later this year!).

The second book will include coloring and fun activities that are designed to teach and entertain.  We’ve got quite a few fun ideas we think kids will absolutely love!

We’re also looking to hear from you! What are some fun ideas you may have (or that you’ve seen) in coloring and activities books that could help Prepper Pete teach kids about the importance of being prepared?  If you give us something we haven’t already thought of and we use it… you’ll get a free copy of the book when it ships!

Stay safe and Keep Prepping!

“My Parents Open Carry” – Book Review


It’s not often I get the chance to review a book from another children’s author, but today is one of those days!  Authors Brian Jeffs and- Nathan Nephew, co-hosts of  “At Odds: A Political Talkshow” have written a book that goes in depth about reasons to open carry, philosophies thereof, and some pretty decent explanations of the Second Amendment.

While the Prepper Pete series I write for sometimes is critiqued for being targeted at “too young” of an audience, “My Parents Open Carry” goes in the other direction.  This isn’t a five minute bedtime story.  However, it is very in depth and explains several of the most popular discussions surround open carry, concealed carry, and the Second Amendment.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to learning a couple of things, despite the fact that I often put forth similar reasons to people about the subject at hand.  For instance, there is a clear definition regarding the difference between the “organized militia” and the “unorganized militia” – direct from U.S. Code, but something I’ve not really heard of late in the discussion.  Who knew!?

There are discussions at the bookstore, the grocery store, and on the range, etc.  Each one poses a different philosophy.  One of the simplest messages, however, is that responsible folks take their safety and the safety of their loved ones seriously, and “When seconds count, the police are minutes away.”

It’s really hard to argue with that logic!  Grab you your own copy on Amazon today!

New Release! – Survivalist Sam Stocks Up: The Four B’s of Prepping for Kids

SSSU Front - smallPrepper Pete & Friends are pleased to announce the release of the latest book in the series: Survivalist Sam Stocks Up: The Four B’s of Prepping for Kids!

Beans, Bullets, Bandages, and Barter Items are the staples of any preparedness plan. Join Prepper Pete’s best friend, Survivalist Sam, as he explores the Four B’s of prepping and many of the fun things your family can do, too!

Children will love this fabulously illustrated book that shows them, in a fun and non-threatening way, how to be ready for the unknown.  The topic of stocking up doesn’t have to be reserved for prepping and survival! Many activities, from gardening and canning, to first aid and reading, can engage kids of all ages to learn useful skills that will prepare them for the rest of their life. The Four B’s are important in many situations, though sometimes in a different order. Talk to your kids about safe shelter in a storm, or being aware of strangers; take a first aid class with them to learn new skills. Encourage reading and critical thinking. Don’t scare… prepare!

Purchase your copy in Paperback or for Kindle today!  And if you really want to help us spread the word, please leave a review on Amazon when you can!

Remember that “Some people prepare because they are afraid. Our family does not have to be afraid… because we are prepared!” -Prepper Pete

Keep Prepping!
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*No Kindle? No Problem! Simply download the Kindle Reading app for your favorite mobile device!

Prepper Pete’s Gun of a Son: A Gun Safety Book for Kids!

GunOfASonKids and… guns? Absolutely!  Why? Because we should be teaching our children about safety – not trying to scare them!

Do you know anyone who A) has kids, and B) is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment – this is the book you’ll want to get! If you know someone who is “anti-gun” – let’s face it… they probably are simply speaking out of fear – this is the book you’ll want to get! 🙂

If knowledge is power, then in the case of firearms, “knowledge is safety.” Familiarity with guns for kids often helps avoid the “forbidden fruit” syndrome, which can create a safer environment. When they are an appropriate age, work with your kids to familiarize them with firearms, and always stress the importance of gun safety!

“Teach Safety, Not Fear!” – that’s our motto when it comes to guns.  We teach them about other dangers – electricity, knives, matches/fire, etc… and that should be the same reasoning we teach them about guns… so they can be safe!

And let’s face it… your views may not matter when they visit a friend’s house, so teaching them proper safety will help keep them safe even when you’re not around.

IMPORTANT: Prepper Pete’s Gun of a Son is only intended to be used as a launching point of discussion with children. It is not intended to be a substitute for an actual firearms safety course. Seek out information and a local safety course in your area, and attend with your child to demonstrate to them the importance of gun safety.  Teach the Gun Safety Rules as well.

Kids should ask a grownup to help print and sign the Gun Safety Contract like the one Charlie and his dad, Prepper Pete, signed.

And, as Prepper Pete says, “There are many toy guns out there, but remember that real guns are not toys!  Guns can be very dangerous if you are not careful. Even airsoft and BB guns can be dangerous and you should follow safety rules!” Remember that “good practice makes good habits” and you should always practice safety!

Birthdays, Christmas, Fourth of July!?  Grab a copy in Paperback (Amazon or B&N) or eBook (Kindle) (got a Nook or something else? Don’t worry… you can download the Kindle reading app).  Check other the other books in the series, as well!

In the News: Mental Militia & Southside Messenger

Came across a review this week, and a news release that made the paper:

The Southside Messenger is a fabulous hometown paper from where I grew up.  They were awesome enough to post a news release!

A review I’ve editorially shortened a bit by DiabloLoco at The Mental Militia:

First, the kids (aka, the minions): They thought that the illustrations were very nice. They liked how the ants looked. They also thought that the story was cool. The only thing that they didn’t like was how I would stop at certain points of the story to compare Prepper Pete and his household, to our own, or when I would explain something in deeper detail. eg; solar flares, economic collapse….etc….etc….
Second, the adult (aka, DiabloLoco): There is an interesting comparison between ants and humans when you really think about it. The story was very good. It touched a lot of bases and did very well at explaining the reasoning for prepping and the virtues of being prepared. My favorite part of the book was the importance of secrecy (OPSEC) about the family’s preps. That was very important to me and mine. I am constantly trying to drive that point home to the minions. Reading the book to the minions was a WONDERFUL opportunity for me to speak candidly with them about why our family preps, bug-out plans, our BOL, gun safety, fishing and hunting, and gardening too! We must have talked for a good 45 minutes after the book was finished. THAT, my friend, was the most wonderful thing of all. I recommend this book for any prepper with a child (or children) that are between the ages of 3 and 9.