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“Could you use a little help introducing your children or grandchildren to prepping?

It’s Prepper Pete to the rescue!

Who Is Prepper Pete, Anyway?

Prepper Pete is the creation of Kermit Jones, Jr., who has written fun and colorful books aimed at introducing young children to preparedness. As the book cover shows, Prepper Pete is an ant. You remember the little story about the ant and the grasshopper and how the ant was busy preparing to survive winter. Then there are Scripture verses from Proverbs chapter 6 urging us to look to the ant as a positive example. 

So who is Kermit Jones, Jr.?

He was my guest on this week’s DestinySurvival Radio. I’ll let him tell you more in his own words from bio info he gave me.

I was surprised during our conversation to find he came to preparedness through a different route than his military background. It so happens that his life’s experiences have provided stepping stones for prepping.

Check out the blog post and the 50 minute interview!

or just listen now!