Prepping with Kids: Don’t Scare – Prepare!

Prepping makes complete sense – to those who prepare. But we all know the blank stares, looks of confusion, and even snickers that sometimes come when we try to explain our reasons to others.

I mean, how do explain the obvious, right?

But even if your in-laws, out-laws, friends or family, just don’t “get it” – you can’t escape the need to prepare those who literally depend on you – your children.

If you’ve seen shows like “Doomsday Preppers” – then you’ve got a pretty nifty list of what NOT to do. Going through a dry-run with you kids can be a great way to bond, but sometimes “how” you do something is just as important (if not more so) than “what” you do. In fact, you can teach a lot of skills to your kids without ever mentioning the end of the world, zombies, or even disasters.

For example, I wanted to show my kids how to make a fire with a magnesium fire starter (with the flint down the side). Now, I could have said, “Okay, daddy’s gonna show you how to use this because one day your life may depend on it, and if you can’t figure it out, you’re gonna freeze to death or be eaten by wild animals in the pitch black of night!”

Sure, that would have gotten the point across, but is it really necessary!?

Instead, I took a slightly different approach: “Hey, how would you like to learn to make fire without using matches or a lighter!?” Oooooh… a little excitement combined with a fun challenge.

“And we’ll even make s’mores with it!” Instant sell.

During the process, we were still able to discuss types of tinder, kindling, fire-building philosophies and the like. Because it was tied to something emotionally important to them (yes, the s’mores), they not only remember, but they want to do it again in the near future!

Next time, however, we’ll try a different tool, and they are learning to be prepared… without being scared.