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I’ve been waiting for this one for quite some time!  Gaye over at Backdoor Survival has Book Festivals throughout the year with some great summaries and reviews.  Today she brings us comments about my favorite book – Prepper Pete Prepares!

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“After awhile, one prepping book starts to look like another.  It does not really matter whether it is fiction or non-fiction, they all tend to have a common theme.  Now don’t get me wrong, I thirst for – no crave for – more.  Every book has its own twist on the survival and preparedness message so I keep reading and reading and reading.  Okay, you get the drift.

Anyway, today’s book is something unique and different.  Prepper Pete Prepares is an introduction to prepping  for the kiddos – you know, those little guys and gals that motivate us to keep our planet and world safe for generations to come.

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