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“…quite well done and very thorough in the breadth of topics covered… it was so funny and packed full of information and talking points that we immediately read it again. The book is wonderfully politically incorrect, which caused lots of chuckles to erupt from all of us. I recommend getting a copy for any of your under-prepared relatives who have young children, to encourage their families to get ready…. I have insisted 🙂 that Jim acquire the rest of the series for our extended family.”  [original]
– Avalanche Lily of Survival Blog

Kermit helps children understand the importance of making sure that they and their families have back up plans just in case there is ever a natural disaster or other problem. As someone who has children in their prepping community, I think this book is a great tool to help the younger children relate to and make them feel that they too no matter how young can play a role in their families survival. As a learning tool this book opens up dialog that can engage children and help them use creative thinking to see what they can think of in order to help keep their family safe, and opens up being able to talk to their children about gun safety and proper handling. The book talks about keeping the family safe from bad guys, which allows parents to establish who the children can and can not trust. I believe Prepper Pete & Friends will make a great impact on the prepping community and that every family should own a copy or two of these great books.
Prepper Days

“The books are well written and beautifully illustrated… presents a concise argument for the reasons to prep and follows that up with simple, concrete steps to become better prepared… Bottom line, I liked the book but think it’s content… would serve as a nice introduction to preparedness… I can think of a few adults I should share this with as well.”
– Andrew Jackson of Prepography.com

This helps the child relate to “Daddy and Mommy preparing” and gives them someone in the book to relate to. It touches on delicate subjects…  in a way that allows the adult reading the book to discuss and explain as they go. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the content of the book and range of topics covered. This will not look out of place with Dr. Seuss, Clifford, The Berenstain Bears and other popular options for children’s reading. The illustrations include some decent detail that will allow you to pick items and situations out of the background to further discuss as the book gets read over and over. I only wish I had these books when my kids were young enough!
– Prepared Preacher of Prepared for That

The fact is, I recommend this book to anyone who has young children… As a parent, after reading it through with your child, you can take specific pages and topics and discuss those with your child. Jones ends the book with a note to grownups about teaching kids how to think!  I appreciate that about this author.  Asking probing questions and getting kids to talk about preparedness is a really good start!
– Todd of Prepper Website

“This is one of those books where you read it and think, D**n, why didn’t I think of this? Prepper Pete Prepares is a truly excellent tool for teaching children about disaster readiness, in a completely non-threatening way… Down to earth, practical, and logical advice, explained in easy-to-follow format allowing children to better understand why Mom and Dad prep.”
– Jim Cobb of SurvivalWeekly.com

“There is very little in the way of helping parents explain to young kids about prepping. Yet alone, children’s books to help get them to read without some left wing PC garbage tossed in. Enter in to our little corner of the web a series written by Kermit Jones Jr. I’m not sure if Kermit got the idea from American’s Networking To Survive, or from Proverbs 6:6-8, but the point is, awesome job. These are the perfect Christmas gift under the tree or stocking stuffer for your young children in your family… or cousins, nephews, etc. #1 on the list for children books for homeschooling too.”
– Dan Wolfe of WolfeBlog.net

“This book is a fabulous way for parents to talk to their kids about prepping without scaring them!”
– Vincent Finelli of USAPrepares.com

“Introducing the concept of being prepared to children–especially young ones–can be difficult… That’s where a colorful book aimed at children can help. I found myself smiling as I read the book–the illustrations were certainly appropriate–and the message was a good one, discussing both reasons why you might be prepared and some good things to do to get better prepared.
– Damian Brindle of RethinkSurvival.com

Prepper Pete Prepares is the first prepping book written exclusively for kids. It’s never too early to begin to teach a child a little independence and self-reliance. Wonderfully illustrated, it is a great read and a great way to help children understand prepping in fun and thought provoking terms.”
– Michael McCarty of TheBackyardProvider.com

“We can highly recommend this book. The reasons for prepping and becoming self-sufficient are worded and combined with colorful illustrations in a very entertaining way that kids can understand but not cause them to worry.  My wife read it over several times before the grandkids arrived… These two boys love bugs, fishing, gardening, stalking through the woods and pretty much everything else having to do with the outdoors so they really enjoyed having this book read to them and looking at the pictures.”
– Ben of AdvancedSurvivalGuide.com

“My Little Man loved it a lot. Great way to teach a child about prepping and why to be prepared without scaring them! My son has made me read this to him everyday since we received it.  This is the original prepper book for kids.  I really think that books like this , for kids, are out just in time. Kids need to know that bad things can happen , but that you can be prepared and don’t have to be scared or worried. This would make a great Christmas gift to give the kids in your life. Let them know that we can prepare for bad times and not be scared.”
Prepared for Survival Blog

“First, the kids (aka, the minions): They thought that the illustrations were very nice. They liked how the ants looked. They also thought that the story was cool. The only thing that they didn’t like was how I would stop at certain points of the story to compare Prepper Pete and his household to our own, or when I would explain something in deeper detail. eg; solar flares, economic collapse, etc.
Second, the adult (aka, DiabloLoco): There is an interesting comparison between ants and humans when you really think about it. The story was very good. It touched a lot of bases and did very well at explaining the reasoning for prepping and the virtues of being prepared. My favorite part of the book was the importance of secrecy (OPSEC) about the family’s preps. That was very important to me and mine. I am constantly trying to drive that point home to the minions.
Reading the book to the minions was a WONDERFUL opportunity for me to speak candidly with them about why our family preps, bug-out plans, our BOL, gun safety, fishing and hunting, and gardening too! We must have talked for a good 45 minutes after the book was finished. THAT, my friend, was the most wonderful thing of all. I recommend this book for any prepper with a child (or children) that are between the ages of 3 and 9.”
– DiabloLoco at The Mental Militia

“A great little book to get kids interested in prepping and survival-based thinking! Introducing kids at a young age to basic life skills should be REQUIRED by public schools. Having been an author/publisher of those sites for years now, I can only get behind the simple idea in the book 100% and plead with parents to educate their young on the uncertainties of the future, as well as the day to day threats posed by natural disasters, man made disasters, and even hypothetical disasters.
– Matt Anderson of PatriotRising.com at Amazon


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